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Small RNA-mediated repair of UV-induced DNA lesions by the DNA damage-binding protein 2 and argonaute 1
Catherine Schalk, Valérie Cognat, Stéfanie Graindorge, Timothée Vincent, Olivier Voinnet and Jean Molinier
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114 (14): E2965-E2975, Washington, DC: National Academy of Sciences, 2017.
DNA methylation influences the expression of DICER-LIKE4 isoforms, which encode proteins of alternative localization and function
Nathan Pumplin, Alexis Sarazin, Pauline E. Jullien, Nicolas G. Bologna, Stefan Oberlin and Olivier Voinnet
Plant Cell, 28 (11): 2786-2804, Rockville, MD: American Society of Plant Physiologists, 2016.
LINE-1 Activity in Facultative Heterochromatin Formation during X Chromosome Inactivation
Jennifer C. Chow, Constance Ciaudo, Melissa J. Fazzari, Nathan Mise, Nicolas Servant, Jacob L. Glass, Matthew Attreed, Philip Avner, Anton Wutz, Emmanuel Barillot, John M. Greally, Olivier Voinnet and Edith Heard
Cell, 166 (3): 782-782, Cambridge, MA: Cell Press, 2016.
SKI2 mediates degradation of RISC 5'-cleavage fragments and prevents secondary siRNA production from miRNA targets in Arabidopsis
Anja Branscheid, Antonin Marchais, Gregory Schott, Heike Lange, Dominique Gagliardi, Stig Uggerhøj Andersen, Olivier Voinnet and Peter Brodersen
Nucleic Acids Research, 43 (22): 10975-10988, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015.
Biogenesis, delivery, and function of extracellular RNA
James G. Patton, Jeffrey L. Franklin, Alissa M. Weaver, Kasey Vickers, Bing Zhang, Robert J. Coffey, Mark Ansel, Robert Blelloch, Andrei Goga, Bo Huang, Noelle L'Etoille, Robert L. Raffai, Charles P. Lai, Anna M. Krichevsky, Bogdan Mateescu, Vanille J. Greiner, Craig Hunter, Olivier Voinnet and Michael T. McManus
Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, 4: 27494, Järfälla: Co-Action Publishing, 2015.
Nonsense-Mediated Decay Serves as a General Viral Restriction Mechanism in Plants
Damien Garcia, Shahinez Garcia and Olivier Voinnet
Cell host & microbe, 16 (3): 391-402, Cambridge, MA: Cell Press, 2014.
Exploring new models of easiRNA biogenesis
Alexis Sarazin and Olivier Voinnet
Nature genetics, 46 (6): 530-531, New York, NY: Nature Publ. Group, 2014.
The Diversity, Biogenesis, and Activities of Endogenous Silencing Small RNAs in Arabidopsis
Nicolas G. Bologna and Olivier Voinnet
Annual review of plant biology, 65: 473-503, Palo Alto, CA: Annual Reviews, 2014.
The Arabidopsis miR472-RDR6 Silencing Pathway Modulates PAMP- and Effector-Triggered Immunity through the Post-transcriptional Control of Disease Resistance Genes
Martine Boccara, Alexis Sarazin, Odon Thiébeauld, Florence Jay, Olivier Voinnet, Lionel Navarro and Vincent Colot
PLoS pathogens, 10 (1): e1003883, Lawrence, Kan.: Public Library of Science, 2014.
Antiviral RNA Silencing in Mammals: No News Is Not Good News
Shou-Wei Ding and Olivier Voinnet
Cell reports, 9 (3): 795-797, S.l.: Elsevier, 2014.
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